July 23, 2009

Hey Everyone!

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Hi everyone and welcome to my fresh new Hello Kitty Website! I’m going to begin with a biography of Hello Kitty, and you may learn something new about her.

Hello Kitty was born on November 1, 1974 and she’s the youngest looking little kitty girl ever. Her real name is Kitty White, and she has a twin sister, Mimmy, who is shy while Hello Kitty is curious. She lives with Mama and Papa in their home in London England. The difference is that Hello Kitty’s bow is in her left ear while Mimmy’s is in her right ear.

It is rumored that a young girl inspired the idea of Hello Kitty when she told her mother, who apparently worked in a toy factory. She had a cat herself, named Kitty White, apparently. But I’m really not sure.

Hello Kitty, today has been depicted in many ways and has inspired many items. Animated shows can be found of her on certain channels and across the internet in a variety of languages. Some of the most bizzarre Hello Kitty items are Guns including Handguns and Bebe Guns, along with egg moulds, pancake makers and toast that sears Hello Kitty’s face onto a piece of bread. There is also a Hello Kitty Jet, and a Hello Kitty nursery in Japan, where they also have a Sanrio-themed magizine, very hard to obtain outside of it’s native country. In case you are wondering Sanrio is the company that makes Hello Kitty, along with many, many other characters. There are also Hello Kitty pictures that can be engraved to your teeth. Along with that are Hello Kitty Contacts, which, when worn makes your pupils look like Hello Kitty.

Malls across America contain stores called Sanrio, which is home to millions of Hello Kitty, along with other characters the company makes, such as Kerropi, Kuromi, My Melody, Cinnamaroll, Shinkansen, and more. There the items aren’t too overpriced, and there is everything from candy and bubblegum to guitars and electric guitars, along with many stationary items available at the store. A popular item is the new “Dress Me” Hello Kitty dolls, which you can buy for around $20.00, but with a $25 purchase it is $9.99. Well, at least that’s what it is like here in Orlando.


I hope you love my site and there’s much more to come, so that means it will be looking better in the future. But that’s not the point right now. While searching for Hello Kitty images I found something that was higly offensive to all Hello Kitty Fans, especially the superfans. I simply typed Hello Kitty into the search bar and I found this website . . . http://www.kittyhell.com. Apparently the person who created it is married to this huge Hello Kitty Fan, who seems to surround him with HK items and he is going crazy. Whoever made this website has put a lot of time and money into telling people that Hello Kitty is evil, because domains aren’t free and blogs don’t type up themselves. Honestly, if he dislikes Kitty so much why blog about her?


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  1. anaira1998 said,

    The site doesnt sound very appealing, kittyhell.com? Who would do that!
    I looove hello kitty!

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