July 30, 2009

Hello Kitty Dress Me Dolls

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Not long ago I got a Hello Kitty Dress up doll from the store Sanrio. It’s one of the cutest HK dolls you can get, and it comes in two colors and one primary outfit (of course.) You can buy outfits in the store or @ http://www.sanrio.com.

Aint it cute?

Ain't it cute?

This is the white one, but the pink one, also known as the springtime themed item is just as cute with a different outfit.

Its Spring!

It's Spring!

They both go with most outfits, but I suggest the white one if you like blue things. The actual sizes of these Kitties are 12.5 inches. Here’s a fall casual outfit that fits both of them:

Sorry that it’s small. All outfits fit those two dolls and weren’t made for other dolls so don’t try your luck. You can also mix and match purses, shoes, bows and outfits to get a really nice style. I’m trying to get pictures so you can get examples, but some stores have displays that can inspire you to create cute outfits. You don’t where they same outfit every single day, so why should your kitty?

The outfits I have bought range from $15.00 US dollars through $19.50, and I have, I think, 4 or 5 outfits (?) Here’s an outfit for around $20 dollars at a Sanrio Store at a Mall in Orlando:

They come in the same hanger for the average price of a regular outfit. I use a small drawer in my room to store outfits, but you can also store the items on the hangers they come on.

Sorry that I don’t have a lot of pictures Sanrio’s site is down and it’s extremely hard for me to find two outfits on the internet for this doll with the thousands of other Hello Kitty items and websites. In other news, more stuff is coming to the site soon!


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