August 15, 2009

Starting a Hello Kitty Collection

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Hi everyone my mom won’t let me get the free items that I posted. She says she will just help me and we can order Japenese Hello Kitty items off the Internet. That’s just fine with me, though, and I have my sight set on a few particular items this weekend:

Image from

I live near a Sanrio Store and some of the stuff is imported but the Hello Kitty Egg Mould is only available in stores in Japan. This can also be used to shape rice also. I don’t consider this for the oven because it’s plastic, and plastic melts, but you can make little cakes in the microwave with a lot of plastic Hello Kitty items like this one. This item is in stock in Japan and can be shipped to you. If you don’t know where to find it try,, and the place where I found the best price was Here are the directions to making this:

First, get a boiled egg, the shell peeled off. Next, pop it into your mould and close it. Then, put it under cold water for ten minutes. And Now, you have your very own Hello Kitty Egg!

I’m considering getting this for the cake factor, because the eggs don’t come out extactly like Hello Kitty’s face, they are a bit dull:

But here’s something else you might want to get too:

Image from

If you don’t have an oven or you want to make a cake super fast then you can make one in the microwave with this amazing Hello Kitty Cake/Pancake mould. I’m not sure much about cooking times but you could check it every thirty seconds.

Some people hate Hello Kitty food for some reason, cakes aren’t too much though, don’t you think? And to make a proffesional cake like this is a blessing. I understand that some people don’t like the work into making it or the fact that cakes of the same flavor are all the same but hating it because it, in my own opinion is a bit ridiculous. Some foods may not make sense, such as something that just shows Hello Kitty’s face in a dull matter or a sandwhich that is simply hello Kitty made out of food, but some of that kind of stuff is to get kids to eat good food, as 50% of the food items that Hello Kitty sells are vegetables and rice, which are always the cutest hence the Hello Kitty Bento I showed you all a few weeks back.



  1. suzy said,

    Hi I am looking into starting a new business selling hello kitty only. Any ideas?

  2. suzy said,

    I am a big fan of hello kitty and my dream would be to have my very own hello kitty store, but as I research I have found sooo many products available and thus far have found only one wholesaler for sanrio in the us.

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