August 22, 2009

What Kind of Hello Kitty Fan are You?

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:30 pm by girlstarhq

Hey everyone check out this quiz I made myself at Let’s see what kind of Hello Kitty Fan you are?? The Greatest one of All Time? The last person to be seen writing with a Hello Kitty Pen? Take this short 5-question quiz to find out.

What Kind of Hello Kitty Character are you?

My Result: Die-Hard Fan

You love Hello Kitty more than any other character ever. You’d probably go to Japan just to get the latest Hello Kitty items and you plan trips to national Sanrio Stores if you could. If Hello Kitty were math you’d be a rocket scientist. You want all of the ridiculous Hello Kitty items on the market and the ones that make sense.

Quiz School Take this quiz & get your result

Take this quiz!!! OK?! Lol. Anyways I’m glas it’s Saturday. I’ll try to post tommorrow but I’m busy because I just finished my first day of school.


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