September 13, 2009

Hello Kitty Toaster

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:43 pm by girlstarhq

I believe I told you all about my kitchen disaster not long ago and even my toaster was beat up, for it had been placed differently that day than it ussually, unfortunatly. So if I get to choose our next toaster then this will be what it looks like:

Image from

Anyways you can find it on e-Bay for 1.50 if you get it before I do, lol jk and on for cheap. This is the best one you can get rather than some of the cheap ones on the market, and I’m sure that this is an autorized Hello Kitty item too. You can get a Darth Vader one if you are the wife, brother or sister of a Hello Kitty Fan who forced you to visit this site. It sears Hello Kitty’s face onto your toast. You can eat it with your Hello Kitty Eggs and coffee from a Hello Kitty Coffee Maker. I had a dream I had a Hello Kitty Egg Mould once. The egg came out looking nicely but the mould was not working properly.

Anyways I am trying to post more and I’m going to be reading my email for Hello Kitty Items so get Sending!



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